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FX-Builder is a Trading Strategies Constructor

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Discover Great Opportunities with Us

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

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Make Your Own Unique Trading System

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Share Your Developments with Others
Strategy Tester Report
Fx_Builder_Light 1.0.5_
AlpariUK-Demo-Pro (Build 482)

SymbolEURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Period5 Minutes (M5) 2004.01.01 00:04 - 2013.02.28 23:59 (2004.01.01 - 2013.03.01)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
ParametersGMT_Set=" <<<<<< GMT Parameters: >>>>>>"; AutoGMT=false; ManualGMT=2; __..=" *****************************************************"; _=" <<<<<< Indicator Signals. Parameters: >>>>>>"; Enable_Indicator_Signals=true; __="Relative Strenght Index:"; Used_RSI_01=false; Used_As_Signal_01=true; Inverted_Signal_01=false; RSI_TimeFrame_01=30; RSI_Period_01=12; RSI_High_01=70; RSI_Low_01=30; ___="MACD:"; Used_MACD_02=false; Used_As_Signal_02=true; Used_Zero_Crossing=false; Inverted_Signal_02=false; MACD_TimeFrame_02=15; MACD_FastEMA_02=12; MACD_SlowEMA_02=26; MACD_SMA_02=9; _.="Parabolic_SAR:"; Used_SAR_03=false; Used_As_Signal_03=true; Inverted_Signal_03=false; SAR_TimeFrame_03=30; SAR_Step_03=0.02; SAR_Max_03=0.2; __.="Moving Average:"; Used_MA_04=true; Used_As_Signal_04=false; Inverted_Signal_04=false; MA_TimeFrame_04=5; MA_Fast_Period_04=6; MA_Fast_Method_04=0; MA_Slow_Period_04=38; MA_Slow_Method_04=0; ___.="Money Flow Index:"; Used_MFI_05=false; Used_As_Signal_05=true; Inverted_Signal_05=false; MFI_TimeFrame_05=15; MFI_Period_05=14; MFI_High_05=80; MFI_Low_05=20; __...=" *******************************************"; ______=" <<<<<< Money Management: >>>>>>"; Lot=0.01; Only_One_Order_In_Market=true; Martingale=true; Multiplying_Factor=2; Max_Multiplying=5; Multiply_After_Zero_Profit=false; ResetLot_After_Max_Multiplying=true; Min_Lot=0.01; Max_Lot=10000; Use_Compounding=false; StartLot_For_Compounding=0.1; Start_Deposit_For_Compounding=5000; __....=" ************************************************"; ______.=" <<<<<< Stop Level Management: >>>>>>"; TakeProfit=80; StopLoss=74; Daily_Profit_Limitation=0; Daily_Limit_Forced_Closing=false; Orders_Daily_Limit=0; __......=" *****************************************"; _______=" <<<<<< Time Management: >>>>>>"; Enable_Time_Management=true; Enable_Time_Control=true; StartTime="13:00"; EndTime="14:00"; Time_Ended_Forced_Closing=false; __.......=" **********************************************"; _______.=" <<<<<< Notification Parameters: >>>>>>"; eMail_When_Opened=false; Push_When_Opened=false; Sound_When_Opened=false; Sound_Name="alert.wav"; ________.=" <<<<<< Other Parameters: >>>>>>"; Magic=3934915; Slippage=10;
Bars in test3137720Ticks modelled6108332Modelling quality90.00%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit600.00
Total net profit7781.17Gross profit22442.92Gross loss-14661.75
Profit factor1.53Expected payoff4.86
Absolute drawdown152.14Maximal drawdown567.44 (8.75%)Relative drawdown50.35% (555.30)
Total trades1601Short positions (won %)842 (50.59%)Long positions (won %)759 (53.10%)
Profit trades (% of total)829 (51.78%)Loss trades (% of total)772 (48.22%)
Largestprofit trade513.15loss trade-237.95
Averageprofit trade27.07loss trade-18.99
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)12 (151.99)consecutive losses (loss in money)6 (-467.30)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)544.02 (5)consecutive loss (count of losses)-467.30 (6)
Averageconsecutive wins2consecutive losses2
Backtests for Light Package - Trading System 2