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FX-Builder is a
Trading Strategies Constructor

- Make your own unique Forex strategy just clicking parameters

- Special skills or programming knowledge are not required!

- Use settings that have already traded on real accounts successfully

FX-Builder is a Trading Strategies Constructor

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

- Get 6 trading systems that already work on real accounts

- Make your own EA, modify or combine existing systems

- Sell in our Store settings that you have made

- Order your own modification of FX-Builder

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

- Over 200 intuitively understandable settings

- More than 1 000 000 000 000 000 of possible combinations!!!

- All parameters are fully compatible with each other

- Absolutely optimized backtesting speed

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

Share Your Developments with Others

- Simply share your settings just saving file with parameters

- Improve and develop your trading system jointly with friends

- Discuss your and other developments on your favorite forums

Share Your Developments with Others

Client Account Management

If you’re looking for an advisor or the way how to earn stable with minimal risks we are glad to present you our Client Account Management service.

As it was written earlier here, our team has great experience in client Account Management and PAMM Account Management. Personally I worked a few years ago for the company, controlling big PAMM accounts.

For stable and safe trading you need profitable and approved portfolio of advisors/trading signals. Exactly this kind of portfolio can decrease and limit the risks from 5% to 15% of your deposit and at that having decent profit. Such approach allows us to earn stable and without big risks and even in cases of force Majeure on the market we still will have many possibilities to return the losses and earn more. This is the way how investors’ money management in major hedge funds (investing companies) is carried out.

There below is our not full portfolio which was tested in trading for a long period of time. All accounts are real not demo:

The script to get quotations of high quality

We apply individual approach to every client and his deposit using only those systems which will be the best for you. Usually it uses from 3 to 8 systems on one account and the profitability varies from 5% to 100% depending on clients wishes.

In order to use our Account Management service you need:

Our main rule is to secure your deposit.

If you have any question or you want to cooperate with us please contact us on