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FX-Builder is a
Trading Strategies Constructor

- Make your own unique Forex strategy just clicking parameters

- Special skills or programming knowledge are not required!

- Use settings that have already traded on real accounts successfully

FX-Builder is a Trading Strategies Constructor

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

- Get 6 trading systems that already work on real accounts

- Make your own EA, modify or combine existing systems

- Sell in our Store settings that you have made

- Order your own modification of FX-Builder

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

- Over 200 intuitively understandable settings

- More than 1 000 000 000 000 000 of possible combinations!!!

- All parameters are fully compatible with each other

- Absolutely optimized backtesting speed

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

Share Your Developments with Others

- Simply share your settings just saving file with parameters

- Improve and develop your trading system jointly with friends

- Discuss your and other developments on your favorite forums

Share Your Developments with Others

Make money with us by Selling your developments!

We are glad to give our clients the opportunity not just to create trading system and earn money on Forex market but also to sell their own developments which were made with the help of FX-Builder in our store. It is very easy to do.

From our side we provide:

  • Absolute confidentiality of your settings
  • Coding of your settings in a separate advisor, with hidden basic parameters
  • Security from the code cracking, using all our encoding algorithms
  • Advertising and giving all necessary information about your product
  • All payments processing and supporting of possible problems in this sphere
  • Automatic charging of your profit
  • Separate advisor compilation for each client to get more effective protection
  • Using your settings on our account with real money in order to have statistics
  • Qualified technical support to every client as for advisor questions.

From your side needed:

  • The most functional version of FX-Builder Pro Constructor
  • TSettings which allow to have profit from 5 % per month
  • TBacktests from 2 years or if there is a big profitability backtests from 1 year
  • TGiving your settings for our analysis and coding into an advisor

Of course we will check all settings thoroughly in order to avoid sells of beforehand unprofitable systems. In this way we grant security to all our clients and help for our developers to find really good settings.

The profit will be sharing 50/50, considering the service we provide to our every developer, taking all problems and concerns and the next supporting of all clients. The price cost of each advisor will be discussed with every developer separately.

Giving all needed data, entrusting the rest work to professionals and just receiving his profit from every sale, as the result the developer can care nothing.

P.S. If you are the MQL programmer and have your own profitable systems, we are ready to give you a platform for their selling.