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FX-Builder is a
Trading Strategies Constructor

- Make your own unique Forex strategy just clicking parameters

- Special skills or programming knowledge are not required!

- Use settings that have already traded on real accounts successfully

FX-Builder is a Trading Strategies Constructor

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

- Get 6 trading systems that already work on real accounts

- Make your own EA, modify or combine existing systems

- Sell in our Store settings that you have made

- Order your own modification of FX-Builder

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

- Over 200 intuitively understandable settings

- More than 1 000 000 000 000 000 of possible combinations!!!

- All parameters are fully compatible with each other

- Absolutely optimized backtesting speed

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

Share Your Developments with Others

- Simply share your settings just saving file with parameters

- Improve and develop your trading system jointly with friends

- Discuss your and other developments on your favorite forums

Share Your Developments with Others

What do I have to learn in order to succeed in Forex?

As any other business Forex is not that easy as for the beginner and even for experienced trader. But unlike the other spheres mistakes in Forex can cost a lot. You may say there are many schools, forums, webinars where you can learn very easily and start trading being absolutely prepared – BUT THIS IS FALSE! Let me make it clear. It is a well-known fact that 95% of all traders lose their money and only 5 % trades successfully. Considering that you can ask a rhetorical question – Which one of these 5 % will describe the way he trades so successfully? And even if someone would like to share this information, would it be available for all people and absolutely for free? Such traders work in major companies and manage investors trust accounts because this gives the access to really big money. That’s why all the information you can get in schools, forums and webinars is the information of those 95% unsuccessful traders and is beforehand loosen one.

If everything is the way you described it what is the way out? As was told here our team reached the work in major companies and some of us managed investors trust accounts. Let me tell you briefly how we came to it. Every our team member has one thing in common – none of us learned Forex from the Internet or somebody else. As for me, I learned in the Internet only basic technical side of the market, such as lot price, the reason why margin is needed, the way MetaTrader works etc. After this, being not profaned with all beforehand unprofitable ideas from Internet, I started searching and developing my own trading strategies. This is it what helped me to create the algorithms and ideas which were absolutely unique. After couple months one major company which was developing trading systems and managing investors trust money noticed and invited me to cooperation. The thing is that when you get known somebody’s trading strategies or principles you are littering your mind. Then you start thinking template using and combining only that you have learned. Considering the fact that all Internet information is unprofitable you are operating only unsuccessful and ineffective templates.

Ok then, if I will develop my own trading systems will I become successful? Unfortunately this is not everything you need for reaching success. Thing is that you can develop a lot of different strategies but really good ones will be just 7-10% and to find out is the idea good or bad one you should test it for months on demo accounts. Comparing with bad ideas good ones are really rare, that’s why you need whole life to create something really worthwhile and proven on real trading! So, to hasten a process you need to have an opportunity to check your strategy faster than for couple months, better to check it only for several hours in order to have possibility to create something new – THIS IS OUR GOAL! To reach such goal you can choose both ways – start learning MQL programming language by yourself or let us help you in it.

How can we help you considering above stated? Our project was created to help the beginning and experienced traders to reach merited success. We tried to input all our experience and maximum of effective and successful functions and settings into our FX-Builder Strategies Constructor. This will help you to try out many of your ideas and the most important to do it in quickly and qualitative way. A lot of our constructor principles were used in the investing accounts management and in the expert advisors which were developed specially for major investing companies. And if you couldn’t find something specific in constructor you can order your personal modification where all your requests will be considered.

Our FX-Builder Constructor is very simple to use besides it is accompanied with detailed manual. While developing we understood that the constructor should be easy to understand both to the beginner and for the experienced trader. That’s why all constructor settings (variables) have logical names with brief description. Also we’ve made detailed manual which allows you to learn the constructor better. And on top of that we have the friendliest support that will help you with pleasure.

Sincerely we wish you to have positive and successful experience in Forex trading! We’ll be glad to help you in it.

Regards, FX-Builder Team.